Neilros Freedom Fighter



Malala (or Lala as she is affectionately known) is a very special little lady.  She was the only surviving bitch from our 'disasterous' litter in 2017, where due to terrible complications with her mother Coco and the puppies we lost 9 puppies born to the litter of 12 puppies.  It was a very heartbreaking and stressful time, with Coco becoming very close to losing her life, and the puppies requiring handfeeding to survive. 

Happily we managed to save three beautiful puppies, one of which is this gorgeous, cheeky little lady. 

The Survivors

(L-R Hippo, Malala and Albert)

Aptly named Neilros Freedom Figher, Malala is named after Malala Yousafzai the internationally renowned survivor and activist for women's rights.

'Lala' is a joy to show, she has an amazing attitude both in and out of the show ring, and loves nothing more to show off and get noticed.

Malala is now living a blissful life as a much loved family member in a pet home.

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Contact Details

Alison Tabrett
Frankford, TAS, Australia
Phone : 0409 427794
Email : [email protected]